Innovating Payments...Again

Launching a decentralized marketplace and a feature-rich coin to power the CoinPayments platform. Read the Quick 4-Pager


Since 2013, CoinPayments has lead the way for mass adoption of cryptocurrency, innovating a payment solution allowing merchants to accept digital currency payments.
Over 1,000,000 Users
182 Countries
450+ Cryptocurrencies Supported

CPS Coin Live Now!

CPS Coin is live now!
SYS Asset ID: 777845ced7b6022b

Marketplace Features

The launch of a fully decentralized marketplace will be powered by CoinPayments, allowing buyers and sellers to transact directly with each other in over 130 different cryptocurrencies.

Zero Confirmation

Instant confirmations when transacting with CPS Coin, ideal for point of sale purchases

Goods and Services
on the blockchain

Buying, selling, auctions, drop shipping and affiliate sales – all directly peer to peer and tracked on the blockchain

Feedback and Ratings

Give customers confidence with past customer feedback. Existing CoinPayments merchants can import their feedback

Atomic Swaps/
OTC Conversion

Convert between currencies with ease or buy/sell currency through the OTC desk

Arbitrated Escrow

Inspire buyer confidence by using the arbitrated escrow service to funds secure

Encrypted Messaging

Send and receive encrypted messages within a simple and secure inbox

Coin Benefits

Users transacting and storing CPS Coin receive the following perks

Instant Transactions

Zero confirmation transactions for instant purchases

CoinPayments Fee Discounts

Pay merchant fees with CPS Coin for a 50% discount (for eligible coins). Receive a 50% CPS Coin rebate on conversion and withdrawal network fees

Rewards Program

Stake your CPS Coins to earn up to 25% more CPS Coins per year (paid monthly)

ICO Benefits

Use your CPS Coins to access discounted ICO tokens from CoinPayments hosted ICOs

Coin Hosting Discount

50% discount on CoinPayments coin hosting and renewal fees when paying with CPS Coin


Until July 1, 2018, all current and newly created CoinPayments accounts will receive 100 CPS coins for free (estimated value of €10). You can also earn additional 25 coins for every friend you invite to signup with your CoinPayments referral link found in your account under Affiliate Tools. Plus, you will earn 25% of all eligible transaction fees we charge your referred accounts for life!

NOTE: CPS Coins will appear in your CoinPayments balance but will not be able to be converted or withdrawn until after July 1, 2018. However, you can start to use CPS Coins for fee discounts and CoinPayments hosted ICO participation starting May 4, 2018. The staking rewards program will also begin on July 1, 2018.

On July 1, 2018 a snapshot of all Syscoin wallet addresses linked to Syscoin aliases will be taken. 6% of the total CPS Coin supply will be distributed to each of these addresses, proportionate to the balance of Syscoin held at the time of the snapshot. The alias must have an expiration time of at least 10 months from the distribution date, so a minimum of May 1, 2019 EST.

The usage of bots and other methods to create accounts in an automated way is strictly prohibited as well as other reasonable restrictions placed by CoinPayments including but not limited to a limit of 3 rewards per IP address. Any user who CoinPayments believes has violated these terms will have their CPS Coins revoked.

Buy CPS Coin

CPS Coin will be sold from within your CoinPayments account at a rate of:
€0.10 per CPS Coin
2 for 1 Promotion Starts May 4, 2018: Anyone buying CPS Coin over the next 45 days (or until supply runs out) will receive 2 CPS Coins for the price of 1. Purchases of 50 BTC or more in one conversion will receive 3 CPS Coins for the price of 1.


CoinPayments founded August 2013
$1m transaction volume May 2014
10,000 user accounts January 2015
$10m transaction volume November 2015
100,000 user accounts December 2016
CPS Coin idea created October 2017
$100m transaction volume February 2017
Team assembled November 2017
Contracted Syscoin to build asset November 2017
$1bn transaction volume December 2017
CPS Coin Legal Structure January 2018
Seed Round Funded February 26, 2018
1,000,000 user accounts May 2018
2,000,000 user accounts June 2018
Airdrop Snapshot (Syscoin Aliases) July 1, 2018
CPS Coin Distribution July 2018
CoinPayments Hosted Wallet July 2018
1st Stakes Paid August 2018
P2P Exchange Launched August 2018
Decentralized Marketplace (DM) 2018 Q3
Scale up merchant onboarding 2018 Q4
Launch new exchange: BitOrBit 2018 Q4
Autonomous Governance 2019 Q1


Alex Alexandrov

CEO of

CEO of the first and largest altcoin payment processor and wallet solution in the world, CoinPayments. Board member of Blockchain Society Canada. Cryptocurrency educator and a public speaker for the last 2 years.

Sina Mirzaie

Business Development Manager at

Bitcoin early adopter investor and crypto miner. Co-founder and Business Development Manager of Coinpayments Inc. 10 years of experience in sales and development. A crypto-currency enthusiast and public speaker. Board member of Blockchain Innovation Society.

Samir Bandali

Director of Strategic Partnerships at

A passionate and motivated cryptocurrency advocate for over 2 years, Samir brings a wealth of experience in Client Relations. Starting out as an enthusiast and investor, Samir quickly used his interpersonal skills to develop a widespread global network in the industry, making him the perfect fit for the Director of Strategic Partnerships role at CoinPayments.


Marketing Manager at

Andrew specializes in marketing within the crypto space and has been an integral part of the recent surge of new accounts at CoinPayments. With an extensive background in sales and marketing, Andrew puts his knowledge into the growth of CoinPayments through various marketing initiatives, conference sponsorships, speaking engagements and more.

Arman Akdeniz

Software Engineer at

Arman specializes in blockchain technology and payment solutions on a global scale and brings a wealth of knowledge to CoinPayments as an advocate for decentralized technology. Arman was an early adopter of Bitcoin and blockchain technology and has put his software engineering background to work for many cryptocurrency projects.

Stephen Wolski

Co-Founder BitcoinMX and FastrackBTC

Stephen translated his 10 years of eCommerce and POS client acquisition experience into a huge network of merchants and important players in the crypto industry. His involvement in crypto dates back to 2014 and made him an early adopter of Litecoin and Ethereum. Stephen also co-founded BitcoinMX and FastrackBTC, a rapidly expanding network of cryptocurrency ATMs.

Jag Sidhu

CTO Blockchain Foundry

Jag brings a wealth of experience as a senior software engineer and currently serves as the CTO to Syscoin and their partner company Blockchain Foundry. With a background working in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry combined with a current focus on blockchain programming, Jag is sure to make a mark in the crypto world.


Marshall Long

Managing Partner of Mockit Esports

Marshall is a serial entrepreneur with a background in engineering. He quickly moved into bitcoin space early on with a claim to fame as being one of the first bitcoin miners. Marshall has expertise in P2P economies as well as breaking into new markets - Asia especially.

Moe Levin

CEO of Keynote

Dr. Moe Levin is the CEO of Keynote, a global technology conference company which has been responsible for over $250MM of investments into blockchain related startups. He is advisor to multiple blockchain companies like T0, Polymath, Jibrel Network, FuzeX and many more. He also sits on multiple government councils in the UAE, Japan, Netherlands, and Korea.

Mo Kumarsi

Cryptocurrency Advisor & Consultant

With over 15 years of startup and business development experience, Mo currently provides consultation for multiple projects in the blockchain space. Throughout 2017, Mr. Kumarsi directed the management of business lead generation, marketing and long-term relationship building for many businesses in the traditional world and Blockchain space.

Mark Friedler

Blockchain, SaaS, Crypto Consultant

Mark is a strategic business development, sales and marketing leader and 3-time founder and CEO with an international career building SaaS, media, games, digital currencies and on-demand apps into segment leaders acquired by Verizon and Time Warner, AOL. He focuses on helping build companies in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, on-demand apps, media, SaaS and data services. Mark is founder and CEO of Gigex and is an ICO advisor and investor in several blockchain companies.

Charlo Barbosa

Founder Native Ads

Charlo Barbosa is the Founder & COO of Charlo is also the Founder of Coinbit Blockchain and He’s been involved in financing companies that have recently raised $35mm. Charlo's a pioneer with over 21 years of Internet experience. Prior to Nativeads, Charlo served as the President & Founder of and Admanage.

Pablo Gonzalez

Strategic Advisor of AXS Blockchain Solutions

Pablo’s involvement in strategic planning and execution ranges from product development to supply chain, to patenting world-wide industrial technologies to structuring robust fully abiding AML/KYC structures for new industries. Pablo’s involvement in the crypto world has allowed him to bridge the best of his knowledge to bring about stable and long-lasting business models.

Ashton Addison


Ashton has been a leader, entrepreneur, and enthusiast in blockchain technology since 2013. His involvement with ICOs date back to the initial Ethereum ICO and he is one of the top YouTube influencers broadcasting through the Crypto Coin Show. Ashton also founded, a Smart Ticketing platform designed to be the next evolution of event ticketing.

Chris Filiatrault

Co-founder at DMG

In 2013, Chris transitioned from developing businesses in Canada and Japan to crypto-currencies and the blockchain. He founded BMEX and Bitmaster – successful and growing new technology enterprises in Japan. As Chairman of the Board at DMG he is utilizing his extensive bilateral business and social contacts, in Canada and Japan, for intellectual and technological corporate growth.

Thomas Graf

Co-Founder and CFO of Avalon-Life

With 20 years of network marketing experience, Thomas works as a successful consultant to numerous businesses. His passion for blockchain and digital currency led him to co-found Avalon-Life – a community empowering individuals with knowledge in cryptocurrencies. With a vision to leave a sustainable world for future generations, Thomas has built Avalon-life into a 168,000 member community.

Joby Weeks

A pioneer in the bitcoin space operating one of the largest crypto mining operations in the world. Over 20 years of being in the Affiliate, Network Marketing industry, recruiting and building affiliate marketing networks. Public Speaker and Bitcoin Evangelist.

Konstantin Gladych

CEO & Cofounder at Changelly

Konstantin Gladych is the CEO and Co-Founder at, an instant cryptocurrency exchange that rapidly gained prominence in the crypto world among 1.5M users. Being deeply involved in the industry for the last few years, Konstantin has profound insights of how to make business tools work for the crypto community.